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Lynn B. Fowler cannot remember a time when she didn’t write. With a father who was a freelance writer and poet, she acquired a love of the written word very early in her life.

When her father died Lynn, then aged just 12, came for the first time to an acceptance of the reality of God, even though she knew nothing about Him. At the same time, she experienced a sense of God’s call on her life. She didn’t know what it was, but simply had a sense of destiny, a sense that the God she had just discovered had created her for a purpose.

After a stormy childhood and disastrous early marriage, Lynn was drawn in to spiritualism, quickly becoming a spiritualist medium. She believed she was a Christian, and thought she was serving God, until one day the Lord spoke to her in an inaudible but very distinct voice, saying simply, “That is wrong!”

Lynn immediately stopped going to the spiritualist circle, stopped being a speaking medium and stopped using psychic powers; but she was also a healing medium and, believing that healing power could only come from God, she continued practicing that until and Anglican minister confronted her with the Scripture. Reading from Deuteronomy 18:9-12 in the RSV, he told her that she was an abomination to the Lord.

Two days later she returned to that minister’s office and surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The same day she was called to preach, three days later the Lord baptized her in the Holy Spirit and within six weeks she was in Bible College.

In the forty years since, she has ministered extensively in Australia and overseas, written several books and had numerous articles published in Christian magazines.

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