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Called to Battle – Spiritual Warfare 101 is based on my seminar of the same name.

Often Christians approach me and ask, “How can I get into spiritual warfare?” My response is always the same: You don’t have to “get into” it; you are already in it, whether you like it or not! The minute you were born again the devil plastered a full-size poster of you on the walls of hell, and started using it for target practice. The only choice you have is whether you will stand in that warfare as one trained, equipped and victorious in Christ; or whether you will be untrained and unequipped, naked and defenseless against the attack of the enemy.

The purposes of this book are:

* To make you aware of the battle – far too many Christians are blissfully ignorant of the spiritual war that is raging around them.

* To make you confident of the victory that is already yours in Christ – many Christians think that because Jesus said that we would suffer persecution, that means that we have to allow ourselves to be overcome by persecution. That is not the case at all.

* To equip you for the battle – many Christians have no idea of the resources that are available to them in the fight.

* To awaken you to the bigger picture – it’s not about us, it’s about the Kingdom.

There are six sections in this book:

KNOW THE VICTOR will show you that God is bigger than Satan, and that by being on God’s side you are on the winning side.

KNOW THE ENEMY will teach you about the origins of evil, and make you aware of the devil’s schemes. It will also show you that the devil himself is not the only enemy with whom you need to deal.

THE SOLDIER PREPARED will teach you how to prepare your life so that you go into the spiritual battle well equipped.

SPIRITUAL DEFENSE will teach you about the armor that God has provided to protect you against the attacks of the enemy.

THE WEAPONS OF WAR will teach you about the spiritual weapons that are available for our use in the battle – weapons that are far more powerful than physical guns or bombs could ever be!

TAKING TERRITORY will move you out of the mindset of protecting what you have, and into the realm of taking what the devil is holding.

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